Share trading

Go long or short on over 8000 international shares with CFDs or spread betting, or buy and sell shares via our share dealing service.

Leveraged trading

Gain full exposure to a market while only putting down a fraction of the cost. Your profit or loss is based on the full value of the position, so you could gain or lose more than your initial outlay.

Spread betting
Speculate on the direction the price of an asset will move, with profit or loss determined by how far the market goes. Profits are tax free and there’s no stamp duty to pay.1

Contracts for difference (CFDs) enable you to open a contract for the difference between the opening and closing price of an asset, with no stamp duty on your returns.1

Non-leveraged trading

Manage your own investment decisions with an IG share dealing account, or choose a ready-made, broadly diversified IG Smart Portfolio that we manage on your behalf. Each of these accounts can be opened with a tax-efficient ISA or SIPP to maximise returns.

Share dealing
Invest in shares and ETFs, with commission starting at just £5 on UK stocks.2

IG Smart Portfolios
We’ll build, monitor and manage an ETF portfolio tailored to your goals and risk profile. Salary independence could be closer than you think.

Stocks and shares ISA
Add an ISA to your share dealing account and take advantage of our great share dealing rates, without paying capital gains tax or income tax.1

Take advantage of our great rates when investing for your retirement. No capital gains tax to pay, and tax relief on contributions.1 IG SIPPs are administered by James Hay.

Why trade shares with IG?

Tax-efficient share trading1
Spread bet, trade CFDs or open a stocks and shares ISA to maximise your tax efficiency

Access over 8000 markets
Low margins and competitive spreads on a wide range of popular, global stocks

Direct market access (DMA)
View market depth and interact with the order book. Benefit from greater control, functionality and liquidity

Trade shares on margin
Gain full exposure with a small initial deposit when you spread bet or trade CFDs, but remember trading on leverage entails increased risk

Low currency conversion fee
Trade international shares with a 0.3% transfer fee on foreign currency balances

Spread bet product details
Full spread bet details on our range of UK and international shares.

CFD product details
Full CFD details on our range of UK and international shares.

Share DMA
See and interact with market depth with our share DMA technology.

Extended hours on US stocks
Spread bet and trade CFDs on key stocks until 1am Mon-Thurs and 10pm Fri (London time).

What is share trading?

Shares are one of the most popular and well-known financial instruments. When you buy a share, you’re buying a small part – or ‘unit of ownership’ – in a company. So if you’re considering trading shares, it’s extremely important to research both the company and the industry that it’s in.

An added benefit of owning shares is receiving dividends. They represent your share of the company’s profits and are usually paid out twice a year. The amount you receive depends on how much the management distributes to shareholders, and how much it reinvests back into the business.

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