MetaTrader 4 apps

Get the most out of MT4 with a range of add-ons and indicators, including Autochartist

A faster, better MetaTrader

Configure MT4 with enhanced features, like mini terminal and alarm manager

Powerful technical indicators

Research trades with tools including Renko blocks, pivot points and Autochartist

18 bespoke apps

Free, instant access to 18 bespoke add-ons and indicators for MT4.

Mini terminal

Configure MT4’s deal ticket and charts to your needs with a host of highly configurable new features.

See your entries, stops and limits displayed on charts
Switch between pips and cash when viewing running P/L
Undock charts from MT4 to view as part of your desktop
Access smart lines to create stops or limits directly on charts

Trade terminal

Control all of your trades from a single, powerful terminal.

See an improved deal ticket with more detail – including the spread
Set account-wide alerts, with automated responses
Access configurable risk management tools
Carry out bulk actions on all your open positions
Save trades as templates, including advanced order types like breakouts and reversions

Market manager

Filter markets, view account details and check your open positions in one place.

Filter watched markets by instrument
View all open positions, including profit / loss
See account metrics, like equity and margin used

Stealth orders

Keep your pending orders private from other traders – and your broker.

Place stop or limit orders automatically using the app
Add stop losses and limits to positions without alerting other market participants

Alarm manager

Manage all your alerts, or create new ones, in a single window.

Set up notifications for a range of scenarios, with automatic actions
Create alerts using technical indicators
View and edit alerts that you’ve created elsewhere

Correlation matrix

See how correlated your watched markets are, and limit your risk accordingly.

Spot correlations at a glance
Configure by timeframe or number of bars

Order history indicator

Examine any of your previous trades, overlaid onto MT4’s charts.

View markers for past entry and exit positions
Replicate successes and avoid repeating mistakes


See the latest news and upcoming market events in your trading platform.

Add newsfeeds via RSS
Access a detailed events calendar
Share ideas with other traders on IG Community

Pivot points indicator

Gauge market movement with pivot points, and add alerts if needed.

High-low indicator

Find historic highs and lows on any chart, for any timeframe.

Renko indicator

Overlay any chart with renko bars to analyse price movements with ease.

Sentiment trader

Analyse market sentiment, or view a historic price vs sentiment chart.

Chart group indicator

Link charts together, so that changing the symbol on one changes it for all.

Tick chart trader

View a variety of tick charts and a new deal ticket for short term traders.

Correlation trader

Take a detailed look at the correlation between any two markets.

Freehand drawing indicator

Draw on any chart completely freehand, at the press of a single button.

Candle countdown

See the time remaining in the current bar for a variety of timeframes.

Session map

See which market is currently open – New York, London, Tokyo or Sydney


IG clients get free access to Autochartist, the powerful pattern recognition tool that automatically monitors the markets on your behalf. Autochartist can be found in the ‘navigator’ window on your MT4 platform, under ‘scripts’.

Automat ed alerts

Get alerted whenever Autochartist identifies a new opportunity

Technical indicators

Utilise a range of technical indicators, including Fibonacci and breakout strength

Statistical insight

Access Power Stats, to analyse the relationship between price levels and instruments

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