Introduction programme

New clients can deal with reduced risk while learning to use our products and platforms

Start with lower minimums

Build your confidence by trading with reduced minimums for six weeks (UK share CFDs) and two weeks (spread betting and all other CFDs).

Spread betting

Week Minimum bet size
1-2 50% of normal*
3+ Normal

Bet online with reduced minimum deal sizes for the first two weeks, to reduce your exposure as you develop your understanding of spread betting.

*See normal minimum bet, available spread and margin factors for your preferred markets on our charges page.


Week Minimum trade size

Min. online commission (UK shares)

1-2 50% of normal* £1
3-4 Normal £2.50
5-6 Normal £5
7+ Normal Normal

For UK shares you get lower minimum online commissions for the first six weeks, and for all markets you can trade with reduced minimum trade sizes for the first two weeks.

Share dealing

Get a £5 commission rate on UK shares when you add share dealing to your existing IG account and place at least one spread bet or CFD trade in the previous month*


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