Free Android Tablet trading app

Try our free trading app for Android devices
Trade CFDs, spread bet and trade shares on the go

Open, edit and close positions, or see all open positions

View your real-time balance, profit & loss and margin requirements

Set stops and limits, including guaranteed stops*

Check intraday highs, lows, changes and percentage changes

Set up and receive price alerts

Quick, secure dealing

Our app features all the functionality you need to trade on the move: create an account, open and edit positions, and manage your risk.

Our new market screens for Android tablet users show charts, Reuters news and market data for any selected market.

Stay in control

Never lose track of your open positions with our customisable watchlists and price alerts.

Use our aggregated client sentiment indicators to further inform your decisions.

New, interactive charts

Select your preferred style and add up to 18 different indicators with our customisable, interactive charts.

Simply pinch or expand to zoom in and out on a particular chart, and swipe to focus on the exact range you’re interested in.

Get all the info yo u need

Get detailed market information on more than 7000 markets, including over 90 FX pairs, more than 6000 global shares and much more.


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