CFD trading

Is CFD trading for me?

If you’re knowledgeable about the financial markets and actively trade them, CFDs could be an essential part of your strategy I’m new to trading CFD trading gives you the opportunity… more

CFD account details

Our charges It’s completely free to open an account with IG. Once you’ve funded your account and started trading, our main charge on each trade is the spread or a… more

How to trade CFDs with IG

Find out more about CFD trading with IG. Including how to open an account, research your first trade, and open a position. 1. Creating and funding an account Opening and… more

What can you trade with a CFD?

Contracts for difference (CFDs) allow you to speculate on a huge variety of markets using a single platform. Here’s some detailed information on the markets you can trade: including indices,… more

How does CFD trading work?

Trading a CFD means entering into a contract to exchange the difference in price of an asset from the time your position is opened to when it is closed. Here… more

IG Index CFD Trading

IG Index CFD Trading explained, All you need to know about IG markets CFD trading, Read about CFD ig index charges for trade CFDs, Open Free IG CFD trading account…. more