Apple Watch trading app

Our award-winning technology is now available on Apple Watch.

Spread bet, trade CFDs, and buy and sell stocks

Get iPhone app notifications on your wrist

Open positions and view markets from your watchlists

Open, edit and close positions, or see all open positions and your last seven days of account activity

Create price alerts for any non-digital 100 and non-option markets

Use one-tap login and switch between accounts easily

The next big deal for traders

We’re excited that ours is one of the first apps on Apple Watch, bringing the markets closer to you than ever before.

This is Apple’s first move into wearable technology, enabling us to offer an exciting new way to trade with IG.

You’ll be able to trade faster

With the new app, you can use Apple Watch to open and close positions in an instant and see your profit and loss, using natively designed Apple Watch functionality.

You can also access personalised watchlists to view live prices and movements in the markets that matter to you.

And stay ahead of the markets

Our economic calendar is available via the Watch, keeping you informed of the day’s major financial events. You can also see how these events are affecting your positions and act on actual figures the moment they’re announced.

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