Android trading app

Try our free trading app for Android devices

Open, edit and close positions, or see all open positions

Deal through charts

View your real-time balance, profit & loss and margin requirements

Set stops and limits, including guaranteed stops

Add, edit and delete working orders

Receive price alerts

Deal through charts

With our free user-friendly charts package you can:

Analyse the markets using a wide range of technical indicators
Open, edit and close positions in chart
Easily create, edit and remove stops and limits, directly on the chart

Deal quickly and securely

Secure 256-bit SSL encryption technology
Set up a free account straight from the app
Add cards, fund your account and make withdrawals

Monitor your positions

Customise watchlists to monitor specific markets
View your balance, profit & loss and margin requirements
Benefit from 24-hour phone support

Analyse over 7000 markets

Research and trade a vast range of markets including Apple Inc, EUR/USD, FTSE 100, Brent Crude and more:

See what others are trading with our client sentiment indicators
Check the intraday high, low, change and percentage change of any market

Study the latest trends

Analyse the markets with free charts, technical indicators, and breaking news from Reuters.

React quickly with alerts

Create instant buy and sell price alerts on all our markets
Free notifications immediately sent by email, SMS or push notification

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